Portland to San Antonio, Part 2

The perceived wisdom is that one should post one’s blog daily, or at least regularly. Well, that’s not going to happen! I would like to post more promptly, so the memories are more fresh, but having internet access becomes an issue – to say nothing of having time!

We spent two nights at Advantage Farm, in Blacksburg, VA – having arrived in the wee hours of the morning, we were in no hurry to move out the next day! It did give me the opportunity to do the previous post, and knit some, and watch the activities of a high level equestrian facility. And it was COLD – just as cold as the 17F weather in New England! Fortunately I’d brought clothes for any weather, so was prepared. Some photos from the farm:

We headed out shortly after dawn, and almost immediately stopped for fuel – and across the road were the best donuts I’ve ever eaten, fresh, fresh, fresh – and I’m glad I didn’t get more than two apiece, as I’d have eaten way too many! VA donutsA few on the road photos – JD had been given a new travel mug:Onn road coffeeBlizz was SO stressed out! (Not.)

(At least as long as she wasn’t trapped in her carrier!)

Dotty was happy to walk about at every opportunity – although she wasn’t happy about the No Pets sign –On road rest area Dotty/no petsOn road rest area squirrel

That night we stayed at an Alabama State Park; they have equestrian facilities, including a shelter with stalls for the horses.

AL facilitiesWe arrived at dusk, and left at dawn – putting in long days! On across Mississippi – the state and the river – and into Louisiana.On road LA signThere are lots of trains out there where it’s more flat.On road trainAnd that night we spent at LA Lk Bistineau signwhere the daffodils were blooming.LA daffodilsAgain, we were loading at dawn –LA Lk Bistineau sunriseI may try to stay here again – the kayaking looked great! Then it was on to Texas – another long day of driving, although we reached the ranch at San Antonio with a lot of daylight left, having left so early and in spite of Austin traffic!

Texas scenes will be another post, maybe as early as tomorrow! (or maybe not…)

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