Around New England

It’s been a long time since I last posted. It’s not like I’ve been kayaking – this is what the poor boats were hiding behind yesterday, and that’s after a very warm day and lots of rain in yesterday’s thunderstorm! All that knocked the level of snow down by about 8 inches.

But not much longer now – and my body is so ready to stretch itself out paddling! If I’d thought to tag along with my sister and brother-in-law this morning, I’d have been able to take a photo of the mostly iced Winooski River – another reason to not have the boat on the car.

Still, I’m putting many miles on the car – weekly trips to Connecticut to see Mom, a couple of trips to the Burlington area to see my sister, and a trip back to Portland in late February to deliver a pile of small knitted toys for the Friends School Portland auction, coming up in a couple of weeks. And hang out and knit, and help hang a couple of insulated shades in the guest bedroom before the exchange student comes.

stuffed toys

Some of these I’ve knit multiple times now – I’ve nearly finished the third owl, and I have a second alien. (Owl number two was given to one of the Quaker Knitting Goddesses when I stopped in Concord, NH to visit on my way home.)

I spent a day helping a friend with chores and visiting; Russell Royalty thought that the thing to do was to toss his fresh hay in the water tank – which was freshly filled. And I thought it was raccoons who washed their food!

Tommy Esty

One busy weekend, I volunteered at the library, went to a presentation about the history of a local airport, and gathered for pot luck with a group of friends on Saturday, then Sunday worshiped with my Quaker community, met friends and carpooled over to Weston, where there was a group show of local artists, one of whom is a good friend of our crowd. Weston is an old Vermont town; I admired this door as we walked over to the art exhibit.

Grafton door

Of course, with the snow comes the opportunity to take some interesting photos – when I remember to put the camera in my pocket, anyway.


But spring is just around the corner – maple sap is flowing, sugaring has begun in the local woods, and mud season is making driving on some back roads more of an adventure than I need. Soon I’ll be able to pry the kayaks out, and get the Roadtrek out of its snowbank and on the road!

3 thoughts on “Around New England

  1. Hello, it is so wonderful to hear from you. My Lord, you keep busy. Yes, Spring is just around the corner. I set off on my travels last February 5th and returned to my buddy’s home in Virginia about four days ago, and I am still there. Both of us having bum rash from driving 3,000 miles in his car. We were able to stay in some spectacular places, like the Marriott the jacuzzi in one bedroom,and Hilton places for a week at a time, that are as big as my apartment. View from the balcony, We also stayed on military bases that they called cottages or cabins. Not like any cottages or cabins I ever stayed in. They were large, modern, fully equipped two bedroom, two baths with tv s in every room. Wow. All for only $40 a night. We followed, long white sand beaches, sought out Osprey nests, restaurants and Air Force and Navy museums. I took lots of photos and loved every minute of our excursions. I am looking forward to kayaking, much like yourself. I liked the photos of your knitted dolls (specially the Alien) and your kayaks hiding under the snow. I look forward to seeing you again soon along with all our friends from Orfs. You take care and thank you for the post. Your friend Johnny



  2. I don’t sell my knitted work – too much time for not enough money! I knit for those I love, for those in need, and as donations to various fundraising efforts, mostly Quaker. Cute, aren’t they!?!


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