Roadtrek Roadtrip, Part 10

Monday, April 22, Earth Day: I celebrated Earth Day by kayaking on Phillippi Creek, just south of Sarasota, and picking up trash I could reach along the way. Phillippi Estate Park has a carry in launch – longer than I’m usually interested in carrying in, but it was worth it. The Edson Keith Mansion is the centerpiece of the park (and seems to be a wedding venue),    Phillippi Crk Pk Edson Keith Mansionbut there is also a double gazebo, a playground, and a couple of fishing piers. But my focus was on the water, and I set off upstream. Phillippi Crk Pk egret

Phillippi Crk Pk rootsPhillippi Crk Pk spanish moss

I’ve never seen a boat stored like this – Phillippi Crk Pk hoisted boat

Phillippi Crk Pk kayaks onlyRead the sign! I wouldn’t want to have to get into a kayak that far down, though…

I have friends who like little green men – this is for them!Phillippi Crk Pk green man

There were quite a few colored leaves floating, from what I think are sea grapes.

I didn’t go far enough to escape the development, but the maps show that I could have gone further upstream and found more of the natural world, including a state park. That’s for another trip…  For now, it was on to visit down in the Vamo area of Sarasota.

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