Roadtrek Roadtrip, Part 9

Thursday, April 18 to Monday, April 22, Trinity, Florida: This time was spent with my youngest granddaughter and her parents. There was no school on Friday, which gave me the chance to hang out with Elizabeth Ann while her parents went to work. The weather was not inspiring – there were a couple of incidents of pouring rain. This very wet heron was not appreciating it!

Trinity wet heron

The house backs on to a pond, of which there are many in the neighborhood. I suspect it gives some resilience against flooding. It also provides a place for every water bird in the neighborhood – although the population is down compared to previous visits. Perhaps that’s because of this –

Trinity gatorThis was a parent; there was also a young alligator spotted while I was there. Also seen around the pond: Trinity Lakes snowy egret 2

For a while, there was an anhinga on or in front of every house along one side of the pond – but never more than one. I guess the territory of a human family is about what one of these birds requires.

Trinity anhinga shaking waterTrinity wood storkThere were also roseate spoonbills and great blue herons, but none of my photos of them are worth posting. There are lots of little lizards, and they move quickly once disturbed!

On Saturday, we had a day at the beach as a family. In front of us was the advertising vehicle of the trip:                              Trinity ad truckWe went to the beach at Clearwater, through heavy traffic on this Easter weekend. On arrival we saw the warning flag – further down the beach, it was closed to swimming; where we went we were just warned to be very cautious.  Trinity warning

Trinity beach wavesTrinity beach gullTrinity beach gull 2It’s rare that I get good bird-in-flight pictures – but it helps a lot when someone is feeding the gulls french fries!           Trinity beach feeding gullsLooking away from the water:    Trinity beach mural

Trinity beach turtle

Easter Sunday we all went to the religious observances of our choice, then met back at the house for a big dinner. The next day, Monday, it was back to real life – Elizabeth back to school, Dad to work, Mom to an appointment. And I left for Saratoga, and a visit with elderly friends, people I’ve known for decades from Connecticut, who now spend their time in Florida.

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