Kayaking in Connecticut

Tuesday, July 23: I went south to celebrate Mom’s 97th birthday, joining up with my sister and her spouse. We had dinner with Mom, ate chocolate cake, showed her photos of our respective recent adventures, and enjoyed spending time together.

Wednesday, July 24: After going to see Mom, taking her hearing aid to be checked, and getting her headed toward lunch, I went to knitting group, then to kayak on Mansfield Hollow Reservoir.  Mansfield viewThere were lots of turtles – Mansfield 1 turtleMansfield another turtleMansfield four turtlesMansfield turtle balancedLots of ducks –  Mansfield ducksUnfortunately there was also invasive water chestnut. Mansfield Hollow water chestnutI pulled as much of it as I could find and continued on around the lake. Mansfield cormorantMansfield dead treeI’m unable to identify this heron – a juvenile something? I did see a great blue heron fly over, too, but that’s obviously not what this is. Mansfield heron?Paddling back to the launch, there was a constant stream of fishing boats getting out on the water. I’m glad I quit when I did – 15 to 20 bass boats make a lot of noise! Mansfield fishing boatsThen walking up to get my car, this two inch long beetle was crossing the road. Mansfield beetle 2"

3 thoughts on “Kayaking in Connecticut

  1. Beth, Give my congratulatory greetings to your mother! 97, WOW!!!! What fun for her that you three could celebrate with her, all together.

    Vicarious kayaking with you gives me a lot of vicarious exercise and fresh air! Thanks! Anne

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