Kayaking Lowell Lake, Vermont

Lowell Lk view from launchFriday, August 9: It was a beautiful day, and Marilyn and I wanted to go somewhere with nice, clean, swimable water. We took her two kayaks (I didn’t have my roof racks on) and headed over to Lowell Lake State Park, in central Vermont. We had to stop at this railroad crossing; I didn’t time the photo quite right as I would have liked to have gotten the Vermont Railways logo!Lowell Lk trainSome of the flora evident from the boats:

Lowell Lk pink flowerPitcher plants are so unlikely looking! And there are lots and lots of them back in the marshy areas –

I’d never noticed the bright green ones before – mostly they have red veins, at least!

These tiny yellow flowers are some of my favorites;  not only do I like yellow, but their star shaped foliage is beautiful and delicate.  Lowell Lk yellow flowerAnd then there was this turtle. Lowell Lk turtleNo loons this time, though – unusual for this body of water.

One thought on “Kayaking Lowell Lake, Vermont

  1. Beth, I love your pictures! They transport me out into the wider fresh air world, thanks! XxxA

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