Roadtrek Roadtrip, Florida, cont.

Monday, December 2: I said my goodbyes (and had to figure out where I’d hidden the keys!), and drove down to Sarasota to visit with my friend Pat, who, at well over 90, is now in assisted living. Her husband, of the same age, was off in Maine, so I didn’t get to see him! From there I drove to Mt. Dora, to visit Trudy – with her collection of bonsai and artwork. She’s got the smallest rose I’ve ever seen – the camera didn’t focus well on this bud, but my finger gives an idea of size!

Tuesday, December 3: Then it was on to Leesburg, to visit Andy and Dinata. A couple who have lived aboard a boat, and in a motorhome, we have a lot of travel in common. I got to see the slide show Dinata had given that day in the community center, about their travels along the intercoastal waterway from the Keys to Newport, Virginia. I’d traveled much of it, and kayaked some, and it was fun to see it from their perspective.

Wednesday, December 4: Taking my time driving north, I stopped at Lake Eaton, in Ocala National Forest. FL Lake Eaton, ONFI’d thought I’d take the kayak out – it was obviously a beautiful day – but it was really windy, and the smallish lake was clogged with plants; not appealing. And it was only 10:30 in the morning.

The next stop was                              FL Green Cove Spgs signto walk around the park that is on the riverfront, with the old spring. Here’s the history: FL Green Cove Spgs history 1FL Green Cove Spgs history 2A lot of the architecture of the town was Victorian or Craftsman style houses, but I didn’t get any good photos. Pictures from the park:

The water from this spring goes into a swimming pool (closed for the season), then down into this brook tumbling down to the river.

FL Green Cove Spgs view up

FL Green Cove Spgs treesThere are very clean restrooms, and lots of nicely situated benches, as well as a well used playground and meandering paths.

The day continued – but I’ll save the kayaking for a separate post.

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