Roadtrek Roadtrip, Florida

The reason for coming to Florida was to visit my youngest granddaughter, and her parents, for Thanksgiving. I rolled in the evening before, and stayed through the weekend. Their development is built around ponds, probably created from the surrounding swamp to build up the ground level for the houses. That means LOTS of wildlife – although the alligators that have moved into it have meant fewer birds.

NPR rear view

NPR crow

It was amusing to watch this little blue heron walk up to the sleeping ‘gator, give it wide berth – and scurry quickly past, then slow down again and resume fishing. The ‘gator woke up and yawned as soon as the heron was out of range.

NPR egret

NPR lizardI’d not met Florida soft shelled turtles before.

NPR crane gangI started to refer to this group of sandhill cranes as the “Crane Gang.” They are mooches – and the neighborhood feeds them, so they are very comfortable around humans. Not that I believe that’s a good thing, but it certainly made taking their photos easy!

Checking out the Roadtrek – NPR crane and RTAnd maybe if we knock on this door, they’ll feed us!  NPR crane gang comes calling

There were four of us for Thanksgiving; we ate well. NPR T'giving dinner

3 thoughts on “Roadtrek Roadtrip, Florida

  1. Beth, Yes indeed, you did eat [and drink] well too! It must have been lots of fun too! Did you have to stay away from politics or could you freely indulge?! What was the political mood down there? Bill’s daughter Lanny was here with Theo and me and we all had a good catching-up-time together. Theo and I leave for Boston on the 22nd and return on the 27th. The entire Gray gang is congregating! The entire Gorton gang must be doing the same in Connecticut or Vermont. Give our love to all! Thanks for your mail! XxxxA Sent from my iPad



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