Knitted Blanket

This blanket, for youngest granddaughter, was a great stash buster! I only bought four skeins of yarn for it, completely using up two of them, and using nearly all of the other two – plus many partial skeins and some complete ones from stash yarn. The photos don’t look as bright and cheerful as the finished product. This is something I’d completed before going to Baltimore, but it was too bulky to travel with, so it was only after I returned that I had a chance to weave in ends and fluff the eyelash yarn – and take its photo!

8 thoughts on “Knitted Blanket

    1. Greetings – I can’t find a place to comment on your site; maybe this will reach you! Which river? Does Dennis give you crafting time? And will probably take it away again when you have to do clean-up! Thinking of you and all your flooded neighbors –


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