Kayaking Bogue Sound, West

Bogue Sound NCLast time I went east; this time I went west. Again, I was out as soon as the sun was up.


Bogue Sound palms

Bogue Sound gooseSmall craft warnings – it’s metal, so looks like it’s always blowing!  Bogue Sound small craft warningsApartments and condos:

Bogue Sound apartmentThis is the same Atlantic Beach bridge from the other day – but about five miles further west! It was taken in color, but it doesn’t look it! Bogue Sound Atlantic BeachAnd the snow birds are heading north.


3 thoughts on “Kayaking Bogue Sound, West

  1. Beth, I’m happy to read that good kayaking weather has returned! Theo hasn’t taken temperature yet but feels normal and feet are semi normal. PT comes at 1:00. I’m hoping for a prod! Anne

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