Old Toes, New Toes

I’ve been wearing hand knit socks – a lot! I wore through the toes of this pair, which I’d made a couple of  years ago. I’ve removed the contrasting gray ones, and reknit using yarn from the body of the socks – hopefully stronger. If  you are very observant, you can see that the texture is different. The socks had felted some; I hope the same happens with the toes as well!  Old toes, new toes

3 thoughts on “Old Toes, New Toes

  1. Beth, Yes I THINK I see the felting on the socks but you will have to show me the next time you are here. In any case, you are endlessly creative and practical! All well here, Theo and Maritza are making progress. The PT guided Theo down some steps today and Maritza will follow suit tomorrow. T. says the new mattress is very comfortable but may require a less warm nightgown. How is everything in Vermont with the three of you? Say hello to Holly and Bill for me! Love, Anne

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