Kayaking the Black River

Blk River doe + fawnSunday, June 28: The above sign was on the drive down to Springfield, VT, to meet my friend Julie and her rowing scull. One thing about the pace of life under a pandemic is that people have time to notice that the doe and fawns cross here – and warn people!

The day was mostly overcast, with occasional breaks of sun, not too hot, not too windy – although wind threatened, which is why we chose to go up the Black River instead of the Connecticut. Below, some of what we saw:

Blk River geeseBlk River heads downThey did not always have heads up!Blk River goslingBlk River Green heronBlk River roots

If this is flowering rush, it’s invasive – it’s the first time I’ve seen this grass flowering. Blk River viewBlk River endIt gets rocky, and one can paddle no further.

We’ve been off the river for a few hours now – and it’s pouring rain with thunder! I guess we timed that well!

And, just for the fun of it – Blk River heart reflecton

5 thoughts on “Kayaking the Black River

  1. Beth, It sounds like a perfect day! How does this New England Julie like her scull? Is it as nimble as a kayak? Anne

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