Knitting Up Small Leftovers

KerchiefThis is the Lotus Lace Kerchief, from the Summer 2020 Knitscene magazine. I needed a small project or two until I could get my hands on a kitchen scale to divide a skein of yarn for the next major project, and I loved the look of this. Of course, I’m not using the suggested yarn; I knit from stash. I also thought the ties needed to be more tie-like. The top piece is the first try; I didn’t have enough of the variegated – or even close – so I started again with a different colorway. I didn’t have quite enough of the variegated for that, either, so I started again, modified the shape of the solid, and increased the depth using it, before switching to the second yarn – and had JUST enough! I think I had about a yard left to use on the tassel. It has gone in my donation basket. Now I have to pull out the first try, and figure out what that yarn wants to be…

4 thoughts on “Knitting Up Small Leftovers

  1. Beth, I love the color combination in your top piece, very non standard, to me at least! The second is pretty too but more usual. I love seeing all your knitting experiments and adventures! Anne Sent from my iPad



  2. Lovely, both of them! But I have to point out that your tassel is perfect. Most of my tassels end up with a bulbous end, yours looks tight and smooth. Do you have a tip? Do you use a tool or technique?


  3. The tassel was wrapped around a piece of cardboard folded over, with yarn to tie it in the center. Tied tightly, then wrapped tightly – I use skills gained doing rope work when sailing in a previous life to do that part. Then ends sticking out a little too far trimmed. Glad you like it!

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