More Small Knitting

The Governor of Vermont gives regular press conferences on Covid-19 as currently experienced in our state, and I try to listen if I’m home. Last week, I’d just taken a seat in the rocking chair where I knit, without forethought, and found myself with a cat on my lap, but with no knitting. Horrors!! So I started looking around at what was available to my hands, without disturbing the cat. I had needles, I had a bag of smaller balls of sock yarn, I had a pattern for a hat with an interesting slip-stitch pattern. I used three of the leftover sock yarns, and made this cowl: Cowl 2

4 thoughts on “More Small Knitting

  1. Beth, Well, in this case, the comfort of you cat certainly was “ the mother of invention”! What exactly is a cowl? A stretchy circular neck scarf? Will it remain an independent entity, be attached to a sweater, or become part of the hat? Anne

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