Kayaking McDaniel’s Marsh

McDaniel's Marsh sign

Tuesday, July 7, 2020: If the weather is decent, and I am able, I kayak with ORFS (Outdoor Recreation for Seniors). This was a new site for me, in Springfield, New Hampshire – I’d driven past, but not paid attention to where it was, or its name, so was never able to return. I think we had 20 kayaks out on the water. It was a large group, for us.   McDaniels Marsh beaver lodgeMcDaniels Marsh geeseMcDaniels Marsh paddleORFS End pointThis is where the group ran into a bever dam, just the other side of that beaver lodge.

And this is Croydon Mountain, in the distance.  McDaniels Marsh Croydon Mt

3 thoughts on “Kayaking McDaniel’s Marsh

  1. Beth, Not much of your text was visible but the pictures were scenic and lovely! I assume it was a very pleasurable excursion! Anne

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    1. There was not a lot of text to be visible! It was nice to have a physically distant reason to get together with friends – many I’ve not seen yet this year. People are coming out of the woodwork!


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