A Week at Springtide, Milbridge, Maine

Part 1 – because there are too many beautiful sights and views for just one post! I’m not including the kayaking pictures, as they are their own stories. I’ll start with a photo from the last post kayaking, though, of Springtide, the primary house, and Neaptide, the guest cottage/rental unit. Between them is my Roadtrek, on a campsite with plenty of privacy and a view of Sand Cove.

Sand Cove at high tide – especially an afternoon high tide when the water has come in over the sun-warmed mud flats – is a perfect sandy beach for swimming. At low tide, the mud plats provide clamming opportunities. From the beach:

Springtide sculptureSpringtide striationsAnd the rocky shore: Springtide view from pointAnd the deck:Springtide tanbarkSpringtide hummer

Springtide wooly mammothsI think of these as woolly mammoths, but maybe they are mastodons, or heffalumps…

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