Kayaking Eatonbrook Reservoir, New York

Wear your mask!

Friday, August 14: I set off to explore a local lake, recommended by my hosts. It was a beautiful day, a little on the warm side, but with a slight breeze and some shady places.

It looks to me like the groundskeepers from the sports stadiums are at work here.

3 thoughts on “Kayaking Eatonbrook Reservoir, New York

  1. Hello, I typed in the search bar life/Vermont and was pleased to come across your blog. All your pictures are awesome with the turtles and rusty stuff hanging on an outdoor wall. Plus I used to grow sunflowers so I really enjoyed your pictures.
    My husband and I moved to Vermont from Maine about 10 years ago. We gave up our car so I crave seeing more of Vermont so your photos were much appreciated.
    Take care!


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