Kayaking the Connecticut River, Sumner Falls

Monday, August 17: After failing for the second time to get the windshield replaced in the camper (once again, it came in broken), I stopped on my way home to kayak here. The falls for which the area is named:

This canoe ran the falls – I think through the chute on the right in the second photo. An inexperienced paddler lucked out – all he broke was the paddle! I saw him start down, but didn’t see him exit – but there was another kayaker at the base of the falls, so I didn’t worry about him. He said his canoe weighs in at 800!! pounds – including solar panel, batteries, and computer. Not my style. But that’s why he opted not to portage.

I paddled down past that gravel bar in the distance, until the water got thin and the current strong – I knew that if I went further there would be no turning back. At least, not without walking – as it was, I had to paddle with all I had to make slow progress upstream. But eddying out meant I could take the time to admire an eagle soaring across the way (no photos good enough to post, though), and this cardinal flower.

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