Kayaking North Hartland Dam, Vermont

Four of us caravanned to North Hartland Dam, in Vermont, a Corps of Engineers facility. Covid has them closing the beach, and their picnic shelters, but the boat ramp is open. It was overcast when we arrived – probably river valley fog – but the sun was out by the time we left. It started out very calm, with lots of reflections.

There was lots of wildlife – eagles, cormorants, turtles, herons –

These birds remained unidentified – even after going through bird books at the library later that day!

We could have spent longer, and gone all the way upstream to Quechee Gorge, but I had an appointment to get the windshield replaced on my Roadtrek. We packed ourselves up and three of us went and found a picnic table up the hill at which to eat lunch. It was a beautiful day to be on the water, and the wildlife was an added bonus!

3 thoughts on “Kayaking North Hartland Dam, Vermont

  1. Beth, What fun you have and how many nice people you know! Now you need to find a learned ornithologist! Anne

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