Invasive Plants at Hoyt’s Landing, Springfield, Vermont

Oliver was waiting for his people when I arrived – very friendly!

Sunday, August 30: I joined a few others from the Black River Action Team surveying invasive plants at the confluence of the Black and Connecticut Rivers. We were looking particularly at flowering rush, with a hope that a management plan can come together to eliminate it – or at least control it – before it takes over the waterway.

The leaves have a triangular cross section, and the seed heads are really pretty – but invasive. Here are photos taken in June, when the flowering rush was in flower:

We paddled on around the cove; here are other images from the day.

This kingfisher was very vocal about my invading his space!

4 thoughts on “Invasive Plants at Hoyt’s Landing, Springfield, Vermont

  1. Beth, I much admired your photograph of the seed head when you posted it recently, but didn’t know what it was until now as I clean out old unread messages! Anne

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