Kayaking the Waits River, Vermont

Friday, 9/18: It was time to leave our campsite at Ricker Pond. I had no deadline, so I stopped in Bradford, Vermont, to paddle the Waits River. The launch is close to where the river joins the Connecticut River, so if one wishes, there is lots of water to explore. I went upstream until I ran out of water – maybe with higher water I could have gone further, but probably not much.

Downstream, past the above “sculpture” and past the landing and on out toward the Connecticut. There are lots of cattail marshes, with excellent habitat for waterfowl, and windy twisty passages that open up to more water.

Going under this rail bridge leads to the Connecticut River.

South (downstream)
and north (upstream)

Anyone need to sit for a while?? As far as i could tell, the only access was through the cornfield. One more view on my way back – if you look carefully, you can see the church steeple in town.

2 thoughts on “Kayaking the Waits River, Vermont

  1. Beth, This looks like another “Vermont day” and a scenic voyage! I love the picture of what looks like an old mill! And the chair, and the steeple! Anne

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