Kayaking Gale Meadows, Vermont

Sunday, September 27: Back to summer weather, with smoke haze still filtering the sun. Two friends and I went and enjoyed some peak foliage in central Vermont –

The wind was mostly calm, and there were some really good reflections.

The far edges of the pond are stumpfields – it looks like one can’t make it through, and occasionally one gets hung up on a below waterline stump, but it’s fun to meander along.

There won’t be that many more perfect days like this – but the season’s not over yet!

2 thoughts on “Kayaking Gale Meadows, Vermont

  1. Beth, Lovely flowers and reflections and foliage! I haven’t seen any turning leaves here yet but I’m not outdoors much. What kind of vessel is the yellow craft in your pictures? It doesn’t have the profile of a kayak and I don’t see any paddles or oars. Anne

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