Barred Owl

A couple of days ago, as I was walking up the stairs from showering, I noticed one cat was intently looking out the bedroom window – at an owl! I wasn’t dressed, and the camera was out in the camper, so I hustled down, grabbed a coat, and got the camera, and was up the stairs and zooming the camera when it took off. Sigh. Well, this morning I got another chance – lying in my nice cozy bed I caught movement from the corner of my eye. I rolled over, and could see those tail feathers from my pillow – so swung out of bed, grabbed the camera, and slowly and quietly walked to where I could see the entire bird. So this is shot through the (none too clean) bedroom window; the sun is not yet completely up. I don’t think the focus is all it could be, but for an owl only about 10 feet from the window, and on the other side of it, in dim light, it’s good enough!

Is it looking for one of my (indoor) cats? Are there rodents around the foundation of my house? Why would it choose that branch, twice in a few days, to sit around?

19 thoughts on “Barred Owl

  1. Beth, What a beautifully patterned bird! What skill and luck you had in catching that image! Thanks for sending. Anne

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  2. Girl, you are way to critical of yourself. It is a great shot. I hope you copy and frame it and put it in your van. Johnny

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