Travel Challenge, Number 6

Some days are just magic. I’m grateful to Gumtrees and Galaxies for putting me on to this – I’m still going through photos from the past, and remembering travels from when I felt I could travel. Another few months, and hopefully there will be enough vaccine and vaccinated so I can bust out of here – I usually leave for mud season, March – April, anyway!

I’m going to suggest that participate in this challenge to choose 10 days of travel photographs, without identifying information.

3 thoughts on “Travel Challenge, Number 6

      1. Thank you very much. 🙂 That’s because it’s a ten-day challenge and I don’t have the time to post every day (reblogging for Stuart only takes a few minutes), not in the way that I would want. I did post one photo when I was tagged by another blogging friend, but I didn’t want to commit to more than that. Thanks for asking.


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