Cooking at Home

I didn’t lose power in the storm this past weekend, but many of my friends did. I was prepared – and inspired by the wienie roast at my sister’s over Christmas, I’d picked up some chicken sausage to cook over my fire as it burned down. Actually, I can do pretty well without electricity for a while, cooking over the fire, or in the bake oven, or uncovering the wood stove (which I rarely use because it tends to put too much creosote in the chimney). I have plenty of lanterns, candles, oil lamps, and my beloved Luci light (solar). Maybe some day I’ll get battery storage for my solar panels.

2 thoughts on “Cooking at Home

  1. Sounds like you have it under control, but then I would have thought that you would. You are just that kind of woman. Very self reliant. Your friend john habib.


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