Wildlife Photo Challenge, Number 5

I see a lot of loons in New England, and hear their warbling cries. I wasn’t really this close; I zoomed in as much as I could. That being said, I have had loons bring themselves to within a few feet of my kayak. One of the most consistent places to see loons is Grafton Pond, in New Hampshire. Power is limited on boats there, and the boat ramp is rough, so they aren’t harassed by boats racing around, and the people are respectful nature lovers, so the loons are less shy there than in many other places. One time there friends and I sat still in our kayaks one time while a pair and their two chicks paddled right between us! Magic.

If anyone following this blog feels inspired to join in, feel free – there are no rules. I just had so much fun with the Travel Challenge I wanted to challenge myself to ten of my best wildlife sightings, and photos.

4 thoughts on “Wildlife Photo Challenge, Number 5

  1. Your wonderful loon photographs [this one is spectacular!] always remind me of hearing them often up in the Adirondacks. A nice memory! ABG/P

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