Another Knitted Hat

Actually, I finished knitting this hat last week – then I washed and blocked it, and forgot I’d left it outside to dry under the shed! I’m glad the mice and birds didn’t decide to make nests from it.

This hat used up every last bit of the dyed yarn, used to make the cowl and fingerless mitts previously ( The white was left from making the knitted gloves. I didn’t have enough of the rusty red to make the hat I wanted, with it as a lace layer over the white, so I translated the lace pattern into stranded knitting, and just followed the pattern until I ran out of the red, then knitted the top with white. I’m pleased to get one more yarn out of stash!

9 thoughts on “Another Knitted Hat

    1. Ummm – which one? The band I did one row k1,p1 white, the next row k1red, p1 white. For the body of the hat, I took the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible lace design I’d used for the cowl, and modified slightly for the mitts, and everywhere there was a symbol for a yo or k2tog, I used the red, which gave me the stranded knitting pattern. I may have stretched it to be a little longer; I don’t remember and don’t have it here to look at!

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  1. It’s interesting to look at the first hat that inspired this one. I enjoy the train of imagination and skill that created this hat!


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