Roadtrek Roadtrip, Continued

I spent Thursday morning, April 29, catching up on e-mail and visiting. Then I left for a very pleasant cruise down to Assateague State Park in Maryland, where I joined one of my friends and her little teardrop camper.

The Visitor Center is closed, but there’s a ranger on duty to answer questions and hand out maps and other information. She was able to tell me that these birds are Glossy Ibis – I recognized the silhouette, but hadn’t met the black form before. I associate the white ibis with Florida and Georgia – but apparently the glossy black ones go as far north as the coast of Maine to breed!

It was WINDY!!! Both nights that we were there, the wind gusts were enough to really rock the campers. It was a lot like being on a boat in an unprotected anchorage.

These pelicans were soaring the dune line:

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