Roadtrek Roadtrip, Moving On

We watched the mountain laurel go from tight buds to starting to open. These photos were taken as I pulled out, headed for Baltimore. On the way, I wandered some in Snow Hill, the next real town. I didn’t test it, but the Pokomoke is supposed to be navigable as far as Snow Hill. They have one of the best canoe/kayak launches I’ve seen – it is a pair of wooden ramps, with small docks along the sides, in a sheltered niche along the Pokomoke.

5 thoughts on “Roadtrek Roadtrip, Moving On

    1. I joined Julie and Genne when she’d already been at Assateague, and was there a couple of nights. We spent about 5 days at Pokomoke before we went our separate ways. From there, yes, I was in a different place every night until I made my way home.

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    2. I have no qualms about camping alone – not that I was alone in the state park! I often do camp in remote spots by myself, though – if I start to get nervous I lock the doors, and if really nervous let someone know where I am, with a plan to check in the next day. That has happened exactly once, and only because a large pickup with gun racks cruised slowly by a few times. But then, I avoid true crime; there’s enough nastiness in the world without seeking more!

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