Roadtrek Roadtrip: Into New York, and Home

Saturday, May 8: The New York State Welcome Center on I-81 has been upgraded since I was last here. There are lots of eye candy/photo ops for the tourists! The piece I liked best was suspended from the ceiling: 

Then it was on to Long Pond, where I spent the night in the State Forest.

Sunday, May 9: This is the first time I’ve camped here and actually been able to get the kayak on the water! Usually it’s been raining, once it was still frozen. I was out for a couple of hours, cruising along, enjoying the wildlife and wildflowers. Starting with the view from my campsite:

Northwest end – there is so much less green on the trees here, than in Maryland! A reset of spring for me.
I didn’t realize there was a gosling until I put the photo on the computer!

I had to thread my way through a lot of beaver-built obstruction to get to the southeast end of the pond. There were three lodges, plus what seemed to be an attempt at a dam.

Southeast end of lake

The pitcher plant and the miniature violet (maybe 3/8″ across) were both in the beaver construction area.

Even an experienced logger (in this case, a beaver) sometimes gets their tree hung up!
View of the Roadtrek in my campsite

I made myself a hot breakfast and drove to another area, where there’s an abandoned orchard. The apple trees there were just beginning to flower.

Even with a couple of hours on the water, and a good meal, I was on the road by about 10:30, taking back roads up to Route 20, and on through Troy, into Vermont, and home well before dark. The daffodils are blooming happily.

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