Kayaking Kezar Lake, New Hampshire

Tuesday, May 25: ORFS (Outdoor Recreation for Seniors) is back on the water again! This was the first outing, and we were on a lake in central New Hampshire. This is one source of water for the lake; we went up until we came to the beaver dam blocking the way.

We landed at that beach area at Wadleigh State Park for lunch, where there are picnic tables. The mountain in the background is Kearsarge, in view from most of the lake.

Wish the camera had focused on the ducks!

This church in Sutton tolled the bell on the hour and half hour – sending us off at 10 in the morning, and welcoming us back at 12:30.

4 thoughts on “Kayaking Kezar Lake, New Hampshire

  1. Beth, What a lovely day to be out and about, on the water or off! Have fun! Anne

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