Kayaking Lowell Lake, Vermont

Wednesday, June 16: It was a glorious day, sunny with some clouds, but with moderate wind keeping the temperatures down. The water was warm, though – if I hadn’t known I’d be chilled when wet, I would have been swimming! I joined friends at this very clean and quiet lake after morning knitting group, and the first thing we did was paddle around to a picnic area so we could eat our lunches! The picnic spot:

Two of many beaver lodges –

Flowers of interest today: an iris island, pitcher plants where I’ve not seen them around this lake before, sheep laurel making splashes of hot pink along the shores.

And a not very shy turtle.

We also saw two loons (or one loon twice); one island was closed to protect their nesting sites. And a great blue heron, and heard a kingfisher, but did not see it. None of these photogenic birds stayed still close enough long enough to take photos, but it’s still great to see them.

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