Kayaking on Lake Champlain

Four of us went to South Hero in Vermont, to join friends at their lake cottage for lunch and kayaking. The view from our lunch spot:

And the view of our lunch spot!

Sister and brother-in-law borrowed our friends’ tandem kayak, and I used my inflatable. We paddled from the beach below the lake house out to where the gap is in the rail trail – there is a bike ferry to bridge the gap. And if the border were open, one could bicycle from Montreal to Boston, or at least that’s what the signposts say! This part is the Island Line Trail.

Paddling out and along the causeway:

The bike ferry, and views of Mount Mansfield and Camels Hump from the east side of the cut:

Looking west through the cut at New York State:

It was a perfect day – very little wind, enough clouds to filter the sun, warm – I ended my paddle with a swim before we loaded up and headed for shopping, and home.

5 thoughts on “Kayaking on Lake Champlain

  1. I’m envious that I wasn’t there to kayak. We didn’t kayak when we were up in North Hero but next time we will be on the water. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Oh, that’s because, not being a fan of power boats and personal watercraft, I try to leave them out of the photos! There were lots of them, on this perfect weekend. Same reason I try to avoid photos of power lines!

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