Great Northern Yarn Haul

The Great Northern Yarn Haul is sponsored by yarn stores in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. I’m using this as an excuse to go see what’s out there – I want to go to Portland anyway, and need to go visit my sister, and if I warp my routes to those places, I probably can visit more than half of the list of 28 shops. I’ve already crossed Six Loose Ladies off my list; I was there for Knit in Public Day (see previous post from a few weeks ago) and I go most Wednesdays now that we can knit together again.

Far View Farm is in Langdon, New Hampshire – and as you can tell from the photo, has a great view out to the Green Mountains in Vermont. They raise Icelandic sheep, and have the natural wool processed into yarn in the full range of colors of those woolly creatures. They also have fleece, as natural or carded roving, sheep skins, and some things from other vendors in their small store – and eggs and meat, although I’m more interested in the wool!

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