Ongoing Life is Getting Ahead of Me!

I went to south central Vermont on Saturday to visit a friend for the first time in well over two years – well, there was this pandemic in the middle! and found that in his mid-60s he’s discovered an aptitude for music! It turns out he can pick up pretty much anything and figure out how to play tunes, and he is building amadindas (xylophone of wood, derived from Africa) and banjos!! And playing banjo/percussion/jews harp/fiddle with a couple of groups. And having a great time! Building things does not surprise me; he’s a wizard with wood. And he can charm the chipmunks out of the woods. But even he had no idea he has a gift for making music!

After that I went to a local campground to meet another Roadtrek owner and family, and had a pleasant few hours hanging out with them.

And today, it being Tuesday, was kayaking with ORFS at Grafton Pond in New Hampshire. The message to the group was that they weren’t going to cancel, but rain was possible and if we decided to come, we should be prepared. And about 15 intrepid people showed up, and paddled for a couple of hours, and got varying degrees of wet, and saw loons (one pair with two chicks, one single with one chick, a couple of singles) and a huge snapping turtle swimming just off the launch. Unfortunately, my camera went through a freshly charged battery in three photographs, and I wouldn’t have pulled it out of its dry bag during the rain anyway, but I don’t have enough pics to justify its own post. 

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