Portland, Maine

I usually prefer to lead off with a picture – but the photo I took at PortFiber of their well dressed and welcoming sheep had too much of my finger blocking the image! They have a lot of weaving yarns as well as knitting and spinning stuff. I was particularly taken by the line of Afghani yarn, hand spun and hand dyed by Afghan women – very high end and lush, with cashmere and cashgora, in several weights. After I had drooled enough, we went on to

KnitWit Yarn Shop, and they had some really nice sock yarn – which I also managed to resist, although it was not easy! Fortunately we were using my friend’s car; the old city has some spots that would have been tight for the camper.
After we’d traded the car for the camper and kayaks, we went out to Highland Lake. The outlet end of the lake is a long, winding passage past beaver lodges and great blue herons, but the photo of the day was this one:


I’m not sure what happened with formatting in this post – some things are just out of my control! Or at least beyond my current skill set –

3 thoughts on “Portland, Maine

  1. A truly lovely photograph! Perfect for a calendar! Do you ever create any? Why not? ABG/P

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