Another Day in Portland, Maine

Today I moved a couple of miles to where another few friends live – of whom Sophie is one! She is not a small dog, being exactly the right height so that your hand falls on her head when she walks under it. Her parents are friends of many years, former Vermont residents. Her human Mom and I went to Willard Beach, in South Portland, thinking we would swim – and did get up to our waists in the rather chilly water before the rain started.

I believe that is Portland Head Light off in the distance, through the rain. As it began to rain harder, we moved up under a tree; when it started raining through the tree and didn’t look like it was going to stop any time soon, we gave up, gathered our belongings, and headed back to the car – wading through water to get there. Oh, well – I’ve been to a new place, seen kayakers out on the water, admired some very pretty sailboats, and gotten wet in the bay, then rinsed by the rain.

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