Kayaking Grafton Pond (Again)

Tuesday, August 3: Tuesday means ORFS, right? And that was my intention, to join the seniors kayaking on Crystal Lake in Enfield, New Hampshire. But there was no way to park my camper legally, at least not within a reasonable distance, so I gave up and went to Grafton Pond. It is one of my favorites, and just up the road, maybe a 15 minute drive. And it was a gorgeous day. The water was high – the last time I was there, with ORFS, paddlers who chose this passage had to push their way through. With an extra 8″ of water, it was easy! And I was able to paddle around islands that are often attached to land.

There were loons, with good sized chicks – I saw two family groups, one including a young adult – maybe last year’s chick?

The highlight was sitting, spellbound, as I watched one family. The adults were fishing, and came up; one was calling softly to the chick. (I thought maybe it wanted the chick closer, as there were several kayaks in the area, although at a respectful distance.) It turned out to have a small fish in its beak, and proceeded to feed the chick!

After about 2 1/2 hours on the water, including eating my lunch while drifting, I had to head for shore, so I could make a 3:30 appointment to replace my stolen drivers license. (BOO, HISS!) But I’d gotten my exercise, and next week I will meet again with my ORFS friends.

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