Roadtrek Roadtrip #4: Sailing on the Magothy River

Monday, September 13: Moving on from Montgomery Village to Takoma Park, Maryland, I was offered the opportunity to go out for a sail. Over the years, I’ve been out aboard Sanderling several times, to various places on and about the Chesapeake Bay. It was a beautiful day, but very hot and humid – it was a relief to get out on the water, with a reasonable breeze. Leaving the creek closest to the mouth of the Magothy, we turned west up the Magothy River, beating against the wind.

The lighthouse below is what I would call a vanity lighthouse – not official, or functional, built privately on a private island – and the arrogance to fill in a marsh to make access of materials easier! Just think what a few feet of sea level rise, accompanied by a good tropical storm or hurricane, would do to this!

After zig-zagging our way up wind for roughly four miles, we turned downwind – and went wing and wing (a sail out to each side) most of the way back to the creek.

8 thoughts on “Roadtrek Roadtrip #4: Sailing on the Magothy River

  1. Skipper approved! To best capture the day, this should be viewed in a bathroom after your roommate has just finished a luxurious 20 minute hot shower. With the heater on (but no exhaust fan going).


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