Roadtrek Roadtrip, #6: Breakfast in Solomons

Tuesday, September 14 – Thursday, September 16: On down the road, south through Maryland to Solomons. I stopped on the way down, thinking it would be good to get on the water – but it was very hot, and humid, without a breath of breeze. And it has stayed hot, although Wednesday had plenty of breeze. So I’ve been mostly sitting and knitting in the coolness indoors. My friend here is in a condo on the water, so the views are nice – I’ve not gotten photos, but herons and osprey regularly fly by the windows around the creek, and there is frequent boat traffic. Above was breakfast: French toast with cream cheese, a liberal amount of strawberries, maple syrup (real, of course), and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

View from balcony

4 thoughts on “Roadtrek Roadtrip, #6: Breakfast in Solomons

  1. Wonderful photos, as usual. Stunning of the sail boats. I have tried to photograph sail boats over the years and never got photos that wonderful as yours. NICE ! I gained weight just looking at the French toast with real maple syrup and loaded with Strawberries, ha ha. Glad I was not there to eat it. I am not sure if I could have resisted it, if I were there. Diabetes is a bugger. I just came in from our Thursday cribbage game, where we always have too much food to munch on. I have to decline partaking of the goodies. I am strong about that. Oh Beth, I got to go kayaking for a couple of hours, by my self, yesterday. I got to see ducks and other birds up close. Wonderful. Of course I left two float plans and promised to make a cell phone call to one friend when I got out of the water. I launched from a friends private property on lake Massasecume. And their neighbor watched me from his screened porch. I managed to get out of the kayak with the help of a stationary pier. Glad to get the expertise. Wish you were there. Your friend in prayers for your safety. Johnny

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