Roadtrek Roadtrip: Socks Completed Today

Saturday, September 18: I finished these socks today. It has been a very knitterly few days – I’ve been helping my wonderful 95 year old aunt clean out her yarn stash. If she finishes the sweater she’s currently working on, I’ll be very pleased; she can still knit, but it no longer seems to bring her joy, and it’s unlikely she’ll take on another sweater. On the other hand, she’s invested in a lot of yarn – there is yarn set aside not only for her, but for some of my cousins. It will be my pleasure to knit up some of those sweaters. I’m very glad I have the camper with me – it has absorbed probably 25 – 30 cubic feet of yarn. Most of it is phenomenal quality – she could afford the best, and it will be a joy to knit up. (And she reads the blog – I hope my love and appreciation for her come through!)

But I digress. The socks are knit from the generic concepts in Cat Bordhi’s “New Pathways for Sock Knitters” – my go to, toe up sock. The yarn, gifted to me by a friend, is

The feet are made plain; I didn’t want to detract from the stripes. But I opted to slip every fourth stitch where the colors met for the top of the sock, to make it a little more visually interesting, and more interesting to knit, as well.

These should keep my feet awake this winter!

7 thoughts on “Roadtrek Roadtrip: Socks Completed Today

    1. Maybe? There’s so much of it! Certainly as I knit things, I’ll be sharing that, but we’ll have to see how the unloading of the camper goes before I decide it’s possible to get a photo of the whole stash!
      I’m really pleased how something so simple made such a difference in the look of the stripes. I’ve seen people slip stitches to make a zig-zag affect, but this is just a little different.


  1. These are beautiful socks, the picture does not show the colors accurately. Too dull and dark and almost drab! Beth began something else while waiting for us. If possible, it may appear here too! Anne

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