Roadtrek Roadtrip, Betty Cooke’s Jewelry

Betty Cooke is a native of Baltimore, in her late 90s, and still creating artworks in the form of jewelry. There is a retrospective of her work now at the Walters Art Museum in downtown Baltimore, and most of the family went to see it today – as well as the panel discussion and question/answer opportunities with the artist. Several of the family have pieces by her – and those present wore them. Looking around the people in the gallery and in the lecture hall, there was a good representation of her work on living breathing people, not just in display cases and on walls!

Actually, my favorite piece wasn’t jewelry at all, but a drawing of a yak, maybe?

The photo of jewelry I like best is this one of a unicorn, maybe, with bent horn – although it’s abstract enough, I could be wrong! But I also like how the shadows work in the photo.

And here’s Betty, answering questions. She’s a little sprite of a woman, with an engaging presence. She wore a piece made of thin tubes of silver, strung on something invisible, and draped artistically a few times around her torso and under one arm.

Across the street from where we parked, there was one of Baltimore’s excellent murals, entitled “My Sister’s Garden” –

That wasn’t all we did today – four of us went to visit my 101 year old uncle; we went out to dinner to further celebrate my local cousin’s birthday, and I started the next knitting project.

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