Knitting Completed – and Turkeys!

Driving out to our Quaker Meetinghouse, I had to stop for these turkeys, of which there were about 25 – and once I had stopped, they were in no hurry to move on! I should have taken the white papers off the dashboard for better photo quality, though.

And our rustic 1820 Meetinghouse makes a great background for photos – I like how the bright striped yarn contrasts with the backgrounds. This cell phone pocket was requested by a friend in Maryland, who watched me finish up those bright socks recently posted. The cord was crocheted onto the sides of the pocket, and I used I-cord to make the strap and button loop. Another yarn out of my stash – although I had to use a bit of yellow from another project to finish the flap. And my camera looks like it’s winking at you!

7 thoughts on “Knitting Completed – and Turkeys!

      1. Ours don’t even care for the young once they hatch. Actually they don’t even care for the eggs as such. They build these huge nest mounds and the eggs are kept warm by all the organic matter in the mound and then when they hatch the chick comes out pretty much fully formed and ready to fend for itself.

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  1. Hi. Isn’t funny the way turkeys cross a road in a single file, like at a shooting gallery? I stop and watch them in wonder. This morning on my way to church service I got to see two white deer cross the road and a 100 feet down the road, I got to see two more. Wonderful. Johnny

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