Kayaking the Connecticut River

Saturday, October 2: My friend with the Oru folding kayak met me again at the same boat launch, at Springfield, Vermont. It was mostly cloudy with rare breaks of sun – raw and windy; almost immediately we saw this eagle chase another off that branch, but you can see how ruffled the feathers are!

The wind was much stronger than the current, so we started out going upwind, down current. Of course, after we turned the wind lightened considerably – but it was still much faster on the return trip! As we were loading up, another group arrived – four people, two dogs. I liked the color coordination!

7 thoughts on “Kayaking the Connecticut River

  1. Is the Oru a new kayak? What makes it special? You can tell that my grasp is about nil! Also, are any kayaks designed for more than one person? I think I see FOUR in your last picture [but no dogs]! I like the color combo too! ABG/P

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    1. The Oru is an extremely elegant folding kayak, which handles well. Many kayaks are designed to carry two, and are referred to as tandem kayaks. And in that last picture, there is one person (wearing the yellow life jacket), with a dog in front of her (wearing the orange life jacket).

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  2. it’s a great way to see nature and get exercise. As you can tell, I try to get out a couple of times a week during the spring/summer/fall, and it’s a great way to explore new places if there’s water I can access. Come to Vermont; I’ll lend you one!

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  3. Yes it is a splendid color combination! Can two adults sit side by side in one kayak? As well as two dogs? I think my kayak knowledge needs broadening! And is an Oru Kayak especially special? How or why? ABG/P



    1. Anne – when two adults are in a kayak, they are not next to each other, but one in front of the other. Kayaks are not very wide! For comments on the Oru, see above, where I commented earlier.


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