Returning Home

Wednesday, October 13: I had a couple of choices for my return south. I originally thought I’d go the more direct route, the back roads – pretty scenery route. As I was on my way out to the main road, the weather forecast said there would be heavy valley fog, burning off late morning. Well, if you can’t see anything anyway, there’s not a lot of point in taking the slower roads! So I got on the interstate, and in the high places could see fog sitting in the valleys, and could enjoy the foliage and peaks. But I was about 800 feet above the White River valley, and probably 30 miles from the Connecticut River, when it started to look like this. Sigh. It remained foggy all the way down above the Connecticut River, and over to Chester, although sometimes it was more above me, and sometimes lightened as the sun tried to poke through. I spent the rest of the morning at knit group, and by the time we departed it was sunny with no sign of fog. On my way home, someone had put pumpkins randomly over this rock, backed by beautiful foliage:

3 thoughts on “Returning Home

  1. An interesting trip! I love the pumpkin studded rock. Is the rock a testament to or a memorial of anything special? It has that air. ABG/P



  2. A very interesting trip! I love the rock with the pumpkins! Did something else either dramatic, historical or newsworthy ever happen at or near the



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