Roadtrek Roadtrip, Part 1

October 24 – 26: The autumn Roadtrek Roadtrip begins! From Connecticut to South Carolina, I spent two nights on the road. The autumn color was spectacular through New York, Pennsylvania, and on through North Carolina. I wasn’t able to get photos as often as I would have liked; there was not always a safe way to pull over. And a lot of the time it was raining! For one hour or so in Virginia, there was a thunderstorm with heavy rain (at least two cars off the highway, probably from hydroplaning) and strong winds. With all the big trucks, I slowed to about 40 mph, flashers flashing, wipers on high speed. The second night I spent in a campground in Jefferson National Forest, in a small and quiet camping area. By morning, the weather had cleared, and I had a gorgeous drive over the Blue Ridge Mountains, and south through North Carolina, arriving to visit some cousins at about 7:30.

Virginia fungus
Virginia foliage

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