Roadtrek Roadtrip, Part 2: Conway, South Carolina

Spending several days with cousins in Conway, we’ve spent some time exploring downtown. This is a bustling place, just inland from Myrtle Beach and its touristing economy. The town has clearly put some effort into encouraging the arts – there are murals scattered around town, of which the following are a representative sample. The very helpful people at the tourist info center downtown were happy to talk history, and share maps of the murals and the Conway Critters.

Conway Critters are scattered through the downtown, with a few along the River Walk.

Apparently last year the town workers wanted to do something for the youth who were struggling with pandemic lockdowns. They decorated for Halloween, and continued the tradition this year. No, those are not orange trees with oranges – they are pumpkin trees, with pumpkins. Plastic, though –

This was next to and around City Hall, with hats and “cobwebs” blowing in a stiff breeze.

Amber came along for the ride, and a walk by the river. Between activities, she gathered her strength!

3 thoughts on “Roadtrek Roadtrip, Part 2: Conway, South Carolina

    1. You would have to drive into downtown Conway, but circling around the main drag will find some! And I bet the kids would love the critters! The rabbit’s in the mini park at the corner of Main and Fourth, with the train mural.

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