Roadtrek Roadtrip, Part 5: Wambaw Paddle Trail

Wednesday, November 3: I drove down to the Francis Marion National Forest on Sunday, spending three nights in the Elmwood Hunt Camp campground. After a couple of days sitting around, reading and knitting, it was time for a little more activity – and time to move on. I launched from Elmwood Landing, about a mile from the campground, and went upstream, riding a rising tide. When the tide was clearly going against me again (and I was hungry, and getting tired after a couple of hours) I turned and went back to where the Roadtrek awaited me.

Launching at Elmwood Landing

Some cypress knees are more ornate than others! But not found in New England, so I really feel far from home.

Even this far south, there is colored fall foliage.

Palmetto – another plant not found in Vermont!
Neither is Spanish Moss.
Southern bayberry, or waxmyrtle – so similar to what grows in New England.

This is where I turned around – looking upstream, then down.

This fungus looks so much like spray foam insulation!

When I returned to the launch, the water level had fallen significantly – I’m glad I wasn’t out any longer. When I launched, all of this mud was covered in water, which was still rising. The level gauge, as I left, read 5.10 feet; when I returned, it was unreadable!

Water level in the black

4 thoughts on “Roadtrek Roadtrip, Part 5: Wambaw Paddle Trail

  1. Wonderful post. Great photos as usual. I think The Captains house restaurant is the same restaurant my friend and visited a couple of years ago when we were down there. Question, I just cleared out my storage shed and are you in need of a new twin size mattress for your road trek? I have one, that I planned on recycling at the transfer station. But that reused area is now closed and I am throwing it out today unless I hear back from you soon. It is completely covered twice in very think plastic and I only used it inside my van twice and has never been out in the weather. Perhaps if you would like it you can call me ASAP, at 1-603-217-5841… I almost filled the dumpster and I am waiting for the trash truck to empty out the big blue box before I add that into it. So give me a call if you would like it. Your friend. Johnny

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