Roadtrek Roadtrip, Part 7: Bobcat Landing

It isn’t often that one sees a container garden of squash plants at a boat launch! I did not launch the boat; there was too much current in the South Branch Edisto River for it to be fun. One can stay here overnight, though, so I did – it gets a 1 1/2 out of three on my boondocking scale. Flat? Yes. Dark? Mostly – except when vehicle headlights came through shining at me. Quiet? Not really – there was a constant stream of cars and trucks, one or two at a time, coming in, sitting around for a while, driving off. And many of them were muscle cars – Mustangs, a GTO, a Camaro, a Dodge Charger – many of which were louder then necessary, not impressing me in a favorable way! And Route 301 is right there, making its own drone of noise. But things quieted down after midnight, and sleeping wasn’t bad. In the morning I visited for a while with the volunteer who cleans up three local launch areas – good for him; it’s great to see that kind of community involvement.

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