Roadtrek Roadtrip, Part 10: Florida to Louisiana

Saturday, November 13: Having started the morning in Florida, it wasn’t far to Daphne, Alabama. My mission was to deliver the piece of driftwood (shown above as it was transported in the Roadtrek) to the granddaughter of the South Carolina cousins. Except for the failure of the mapping program to get me around the gate between me and their house, this was a relatively easy thing to accomplish, and not much off my route. Then it was on across the short end of Alabama, and the same with Mississippi. The Mississippi Welcome Center had a collection of interesting sculpture, and I spent my walking around time admiring it.

The herons had a couple of these little guys hanging out.

Then it was on to Louisiana. Their Welcome Center featured an alligator under the fall themed tree.

I went north of New Orleans, listening to Creole music and French on the radio, waving distantly to the friends I wasn’t stopping to see in the area. There had clearly been a lot of storm/wind damage; there were a lot of trees down and a lot of blue tarps on roofs. There were crews out dealing with downed wood along several sections of the interstate highway, which seems to have lost some of its signage. It was relatively early when I stopped for the day, at a campground near Lafayette that had a boat launch, and I was on the water by 3:30. I will give that kayaking its own post tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Roadtrek Roadtrip, Part 10: Florida to Louisiana

  1. It was fun and interesting to read the details of part ten of your Roadtrek saga, but your pictures didn’t print,alas! Maybe I’ll see them in Santa Fe I hope! And I will answer your first nine Roadtrek chapters! ABG/P >


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